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3 reasons to live on the Costa del Sol

Every year the Costa del Sol attracts, countless tourists who seek to enjoy a unique holiday. Everything that offers is the reason, but we will summarize it in 3 reasons. Let's know them!

The best climate

The Costa del Sol offers pleasant temperatures most of the year, which substantially improves the quality of life.

It is characterized by a warm and humid winter and a hot and dry summer, so extreme temperatures or adverse weather conditions do not occur, usually.

A varied gastronomy

Another reason that millions of tourists enjoy is the rich and wide gastronomy of the Costa del Sol.

In each of the towns that are along the coast we can find all kind of dishes and typical products that surprise all the tastes.

Starting with the much sought-after skewered sardines, we will enjoy the famous “pescaíto frito” (fried fish), paella or appetizers such as salads, porra antequerana, gazpacho or Iberian ham.

A great culinary variety to rediscover the pleasure of a good meal.

Beaches to fall in love

Due to its more than 150 kilometers of coastline, the Costa del Sol extends from Maro to Estepona, where countless beaches and landscapes can be found to enjoy and disconnect.

Calahonda stands out, in where we find its littoral path, which is a wooden walkway that runs parallel to the sea, where relaxing walks or sports become a luxury.

Its length is 7 kilometers and, through it, you can know the most outstanding tourist attractions.


As for the beaches, there are many that offer a high level of comfort and quality, but that of Calahonda has been awarded the distinction of the Blue Flag 2019 for its safety, care and services offered.

As we have seen, the Costa del Sol offers a lot and it turns out to be an ideal place to live. That’s why it’s such a good investment to buy a home in it.

We recommend that you enter our website and know the homes that we have for sale or holiday rental homes throughout the Costa del Sol. And if you need more information, you just have to write or call us.

Come live to the Costa del Sol!

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