History of Atlantis PMR


Atlantis PMR initially started operations managing two beachfront apartments in Las Golondrinas Torrenueva Playa , near the popular town of La Cala de Mijas . As the owners and clients were happy with their services, in 2 years they were managing 10 beachfront apartments.

The foundations were laid, and with that, the Atlantis PMR Company expanded into the vacation rental market with 10 beachfront apartments, giving Atlantis PMR a base firm in the vacation real estate market. The Company continued to expand, mainly through word of mouth from owner to owner and customer to customer, in addition to becoming one of the first agencies on the Costa del Sol to work with Booking.com. Atlantis PMR then expanded their portfolio of vacation rentals to include a 5-star beach resort in Calahonda Mijas called Mi Capricho , where they were renting and managing 18 other properties, in addition to accumulating other properties in other areas.

When the recession subsided, the Costa del Sol became desirable again for property buyers and investors, and Atlantis PMR had desirable beachfront properties to sell.

Of the 19 apartments in Mi Capricho within the Vacation Rentals Portfolio, Atlantis PMR sold 12 of them and within Las Golondrinas it sold 6 of the 10 departments that they administered. The sale of the beachfront properties allowed Atlantis PMR to reinvest its capital in the opening of an agency in a privileged location, the Los Olivos Shopping Center in Calahonda. An office space distributed over two floors with 200m2. Atlantis PMR went from being an office that worked from home to becoming a Real Estate Agency that stood out from the crowd and would take center stage on the Costa del Sol.

With the starfish, Atlantis PMR was able to create a logo and brand with the motto “We make a difference” . Atlantis PMR became an Agency that everyone had heard and talked about, especially with its sincere support of many charities and events, including its sponsorship for the Mijas Sports Center, El Club de Leones La Cala de Mijas, Adimi, Center for children and young people with physical and mental disabilities. adults, Cudeca Cancer Hospice, in addition to allowing and promoting unknown and well-known artists to exhibit their work at the agency.

There is an expression, “what you give, you will receive ten times”.

Many of the charities and events that Atlantis PMR supported have helped pave the way for Atlantis PMR to grow and expand. In 2015, Atlantis PMR listed, sold and rented properties along the Costa del Sol from Málaga to Sotogrande, as well as the areas of the inside the country. The team started with just Jason and Luis in 2006 and by 2018 the team was at a height of 14, and was a “one-stop-shop for properties and vacations along the Costa del Sol “.

In 2018 Atlantis PMR were contacted by 2 investors who gave them a development to sell exclusively, “Piramides de Riviera”. In 1 year all 18 units were sold.

It has not always been easy and Atlantis PMR has learned some difficult lessons, but despite that, it has continued to push itself. It was at the end of 2019 when the Corona virus took over the world, that Atlantis PMR had to reassess its position in the real estate industry in order to survive. The team was reduced to 6 including Jason and Luis and had to rethink what was sustainable and what was not. With much uncertainty and restriction in the movement, Atlantis PMR made the decision to stop marketing vacation rental properties and property management and instead collaborated with other companies so that their clients were not stay dry.

Atlantis PMR since 2020 focuses on listing and selling properties in all areas of the Costa del Sol, as well as providing long-term rentals and corporate / commercial rentals.

It was also in 2020 when Atlantis PMR made the decision to open a real estate agency in the heart of the city of Castelo Branco, Portugal. With Luis being a native of Portugal, and having lived in Castelo Branco for most of his life, in addition to having family and friends still living in this city, as well as in Lisbon and the Algarve, Atlantis PMR , despite Covid’s restrictions, made a constructive move that has been well received by many local and international buyers and partners.

By 2021, Atlantis PMR made the decision to move the offices in southern Spain from the Shopping Center in Los Olivos where they had been established to move to a smaller office in Mijas Golf. Perhaps about 80% of the clients were now Internet-based, and the team has shrunk in size. Since then, despite the Corona Virus and restrictive measures, Atlantis PMR reports that there continues to be significant interest in investment in Properties for sale and long-term rental on the Costa del Sol, as well as in Castelo Branco and other areas of Portugal .