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Improve the energy efficiency of your home with these tricks

If you wish to improve the energy efficiency of your home it is recommended to keep these tips in mind

Having an energy efficient home should be a priority for everyone, since there are many advantages:

  • If the energy consumption is reduced, the expenses associated with it are too.
  • Contributes to improve your health.
  • Allows you to create a cosy and pleasant atmosphere.

Increasingly, builders are choosing more ecological, sustainable and efficient materials with less impact on the environment.

However, we can all try to get a more energy efficient home with small investments or tricks.

Let´s see what the main ones are.

Good insulation is fundamental

The facade of your home affects insulation but the doors and windows also play an important role, since most of the heat loss is through them.

Investing in double glazing systems and taking advantage of natural light as much as you can will help to keep the warmth in the home.

You can also use curtains or install blinds, as they help maintain the temperature of the rooms.

On the other hand, by closing the doors of your rooms you will avoid losing the heat.

Following these tips you will have a greater perception of heat in your home.

What about the bulbs? Low consumption

Even though it does not seem important, every tip counts when it comes to achieving an efficient home.

By installing low-energy bulbs your electricity bill will decrease considerably.

Something else to think about.., did you know that the “stand by” mode of electrical appliances will increase consumption between 10 and 15% when they are working normally again?

It is better to disconnect them while not using it and that extra consumption will be saved.

Do not go over heating

It is proven by experts that the advisable daily temperature ranges between 19 and 21º, therefore anything over that will not be necessary and will increase the electric consumption and consequently the bill.

On the other hand, installing a thermostat that regulates the heating avoids excessive consumption.

If you have electric heating, it is advised to avoid them working to the maximum. It is recommended to turn them off when you do not need them, since it is more efficient to produce heat by combustion than by electricity.

Put these tips into practice to improve the energy efficiency at your home, but if you want to achieve better results, you will need to make bigger changes.

With our reforms services you will get the advice you need at all times, choosing between the most efficient and sustainable materials. Ask us for more information!

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