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Mijas Sports Club have closed a fabulous season


Inmobiliaria Atlantis PMR, attended the closing of the season of Mijas Sports Club as a main sponsor.

The season ended for the more than 1,000 federated athletes who make Mijas Sports Club alive.

On a pleasant evening, the sports city “Regino Hernández” hosted the closing of the Club season, which for the first time was held jointly with the 12 federated sections.

The act was very successful within the community, since the athletes families filled the stands, showing enthusiasm with each award that was granted.

It started with the recognition of ​​the City of Mijas, which has worked closely throughout the season with the Club.

It was followed by the presentation of a plaque to the main sponsors of the Club as a gesture of gratitude for the important role they play.

Next, they began to collect the prizes each of the sections that form it, starting with the table tennis section.

After these, the judo section, pioneer in the sport of the town. It was followed by the volleyball, which has had such good results this season.

Then it was the turn of the triathlon, one of the most recent sections in the Club and which is growing in number of competitors.

In the final stretch, it was the turn of the Mijas athletics club, which is a national reference and each of the 16 basketball teams and 22 football teams.

When it came to an end, some of the protagonists wanted to make statements.

In the words of Andrés Martín, sports councilor: “There had never been a season finale for the nearly 1,000 federated athletes in the 12 sections of the Mijas Sports Club. I am very proud of the values ​​that we have managed to transmit with the sport. The stands have been full, a tier that is exemplary in each of the fields to which it goes. It’s a day of celebration for everyone. “

For his part, José Manuel Quero, president of the Polideportivo Mijas Club also had a few words: “For our club, the work we do among all of us is vital and important. All of our athletes and sections have been recognized. It has been a success. The stand has been full, of parents and relatives. “

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