Holiday rentals

Holiday rentals

What do I need to present  if i wish to list my property for Holiday rental?

  • Deed
  • Simple Note
  • utility bill
  • Registration with the Tourism depaprtment (VTF number)
  • Signed agreement with the Real Estate Company
  • details of legal representative
  • Energy efficiancy certificate
  • Details of Accountant
  • Copies of your quarterly tax returns

The Property Must Have

  • Airconditioning in each room
  • safe for valuables
  • Recomended mini metre ( to measure consumption)
  • Details of places to visit on the Costa del Sol
  • Details of how to work appliances
  • A complaints book
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Blanket
  • Wifi Connection and TV Channels

On Reservation of the client to the Property 

  • There must be details of the client on the booking form
  • There must be clear contact details  ( name address and telephone number)
  • The client must present their passport/ID to be photocopied
  • The passport will be presented to the Guardia Civil
  • The client must present their car number plate on check in
  • The client will receive a fll tour of the property and introduced to the location
  • The clients are respected in accordance to the Data protection laws
  • The client must sign the breakage deposit and present their credit card details

If you wish to list your property for Holiday Rental, please contact us to arrange a viewing to your property as well as discuss the various options available to you with relation to our Rental and Management services.

Access the contact form, fill it, and one of our agents will be in touch with you shortly