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Tips for buying a home in Spain


If you are thinking of buying a home in Spain, we recommend you to consider some aspects to carry out a successful operation and avoid problems.

Define a budget

Establish an indicative budget for the purchase of your home.

In this sense, the experts maintain that the amount that will be destined to the purchase must not exceed 40% of the monthly net income.

Also, you have to take into account the initial expenses to purchase the property (taxes, deeds, notary, etc.), which must be paid at the beginning and can represent 10% of the total price of the house.

Investigate the area

You may be clear about where you want to buy your home or, on the contrary, you are not sure about where is the ideal place.

Anyway, it is always advisable to find out about the area you might be interested and know everything that this can offer (supermarkets, transportation, health services, as well as others).

The Costa del Sol is one of the favorite places for millions of people.

Does the dwelling meet your needs?

You have defined your budget, you know now the area you like and therefore you start looking for the property. When you start viewing properties, you find one that you like. Do not rush!

Visit the house as many times as you might need, so you can make sure that its characteristics cover all your needs.

Take into account the space, layout, orientation, condition and quality of construction.

Find out about its legal situation

When you are already in a sale operation, the last thing you want is to face unexpected situations.

That is why it is very important to get the information about the legal situation of the property and check that does not carry any type of burden such as mortgage, seizure or limitation. To do this, you can request a ¨Nota Simple¨ in the Land Registry.

And last but not least, the house must have an energy efficiency certificate. Otherwise, the purchase would not be approved by the notary.

Sign your deeds

And finally you reach the moment to go to the notary to leave record firmly the wills of both parties and the conditions of the sale. This will guarantee legal security against third parties.

We know that to purchase a home is a long and delicate process, so if you do not want to find unexpected situations, trust in professionals like us.

We will help you buying your home and we will guide you throughout the process so that you only have to worry about enjoying your new home in Spain.

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