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What is an Open House?

Increase the chances of selling your home with the Open House technique

What is an Open House?

It is a real estate marketing technique that firstly was implemented by the United States.

As its name suggests, it consists in organizing an open day, while the house remains accessible to all those who wish to have a look at it.

The real estate agency that handles the Open House will show, throughout the day, the property and will ensure that everything keeps safe from damages or breakages.

Therefore, the main difference with the traditional method is that potential clients do not have to make an appointment to view the house.

Although this technique is widely used in other countries, in Spain it something relatively new.

We must clarify that, in order to obtain the best results, the work for planning everything and advice of a specialized real estate agency is necessary.

Let’s see, however, some aspects that might be taken into account to be successful.

What needs to be done?
Announce the event

It is advised to advertise the Open House at least 15 days before the actual open house day in any type of media from the most traditional one to the most current (web, rrss, real estate portals, etc).

It is highly recommended that Saturday or bank holiday is the chosen day to carry out the Open House, since you can get much more clients that will be able to go to the property.

Adapting the house

To meet client´s expectations, the house should look as its best, redesign spaces and looking to create a home-like environment.

How is this achieved? Creating a nice and warm environment with the sensations and scents in the rooms or play some relaxed and classic music.

In the same way, it is advised to offer the visitors some food or drink to make the event more relaxed, as well as merchandising material.

Take care of the client

It is essential to make the visitors feel cared for at all the time, whether it is solving their questions or attending to their requests.

In this way, the agency will be able to help them to ask for a purchase offer or, on the contrary, follow up on visitors who showed a real interest in the property.

Advantages of the Open House

This technique in comparison with the traditional method has advantages for everyone involved:

  • Buyers can visit the house with no need to make an appointment and without worrying about the time spent during their visit.
  • The real estate agency can show the property to many more people in more relaxed environment.
  • Vendors are able to see their selling possibilities multiplied. It is more likely that a buyer will make an offer with other interests being shown.

If you want to organize an open house that works, trust us. We organize this kind of events all along the Costa del Sol.

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